The blueberry is an extraordinary fruit, not just easy and flavorful, this small fruit is incredibly healthy. It has one of the highest levels of antioxidants among all the fruits and vegetables generally available, and it gets more accessible every day.

In addition to the various proven health benefits, blueberries are becoming more and more popular every day, integrating people’s diets into the most diverse dishes. They are delicious, sweet, colorful and the ideal snack for every moment.

In our case, we are lucky enough to grow them under the Alentejo sunlight and with an exceptional soil, resulting in the sweetest blueberry you will ever taste.


Is the variety that covers the biggest part of our fields. It is a Southern Highbush, with little cold hours needed, only about 400, that is the reason why we chose it to be the queen of our fields in the Alentejo. It presents as a very vigorous plant keeping leaves all year round. The fruits are medium large with very sweet flavor and with crunchie texture. Despite they’re delicate fruits, they have a great capacity to hold their quality until consumption.

Is a very sturdy variety, with capacity to hold the big climatic changes that we constantly feel in our region. Creates strong plants with a healthy aspect, even though they are Northern Highbush, with needs of about 700 to 800 cold hours, have been developing very well in these southern lands, revealing as a happy choice. The blueberries from this variety have medium size, with intense flavor and a lot of firmness.

New Hanover was one of our successful plays. These robust plants produce high yields in the right season. They adapted extremely well to Alentejo’s climate and the local soils. The high production and big caliber are important characteristics for their presence in our fields. The fruits are firm and of great quality, sweet and fresh.

Is a Southern Highbush that stands up to whatever mother natures dishes out. It is a robust and erect plant that flowers slightly later that the other varieties present here and it is very resistant to bad weather out of its season. The fruits are big, light blue in color and full of flavor.

Is an all-terrain plant among the Southern highbush varieties. Even though it is sensitv to late rains, it is very adaptable and able to produce well in various conditions. Easy to harvest and with outstanding fruit quality, this variety has a small percentage on our production.

Sunset Blue is among the earliest varieties in terms of harvesting. Even being the last to present flowers and foliage  after winter, it is the first to terminate the fructifying stage and so the first to harvest. It has a vigorous structure but with small overall size, making of it an easy to maintain plant and with high yields. The fruit has excellent quality and durability.