We took a conscious choice to work in harmony with nature! Our agricultural practices are founded on principles of minimizing the impact on the environment. This way we can guarantee our customers healthy produce of the highest quality.

Based on good and virgin soil, amazing sun exposure and mineral water, the use of chemical fertilizers is reduced to a minimum in our plantation. The natural richness of the soil allow for reduced use of pesticides.


We ensure the traceability of our blueberries by disciplined execution of quality control measures. We have the best partners with cooler trucksenabling us to provide just-in-time delivery and provide our customers only with the highest quality fresh of the fields berries.
The cold chain is rigorously maintained from the picking, cooling and packaging to the moment of the trucks’ unloading at our customer.

We deliver premium produce with long shelf-life and timely and reliable delivery.


We care about the well beig of our team and thrive to get motivated people in every department. Helping the surrounding comunity is a very important aspect of our vision as a company. We are located close to a small vilage and employ about 20 effective workers.

We also develop field workshops for local entitys like the schools and a social caring programe. Our Zero waste policy is taken seriously and there is no wasted fruit from our fields, all the excess is given free to who needs it the most.